Bot medios your first clue that you do not have to visit a doctor

Medicus is a bot miner sings you visit the doctor, and the patients queries and questions about anything and celebrate the doctors to answer them.

Enjoy medios Balfour, in reply, where he has more than 500 physicians, they reply around the clock, aimed at the Arab world as a whole.

Seek bots in the future to cover all Arab States and then the world as a whole by adding English and French.

The best thing in bots you get rid of the suffering of waiting in clinics and on consult your medical with ease and with a click of a button.

On the other side, depends medicus an excellent marketing tool for doctors, where they can join the group medical Advisory private Balboa and counseling is free or paid.

The first medical consultation for patients free then they can then trade to buy other consulting and payment will be via credit card.

Features bots for patients

You can cross-medicos:

  • That are looking for the best doctors in your area by specialty.
  • To request a medical consultation and respond to it later.

You can use the bot to send a message across the line from here.

Quit the bot since the bot 6 days ago more than 850 consultations the feedback was positive from patients and doctors, so it is considered the bot the first medical evidence of Messenger, it facilitates a lot of things especially when you need urgent.

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