Bose develops headphones with white noise specially designed for sleep

If you live in one of the buildings, you know like no other what thin walls and the lack of any soundproofing. Bad acoustics, knocks, shouts, noise, roosters, trains, procreation — all of it coming in the dream and destroys it. If I could forgo sleep, I would have already abandoned this thankless pastime.

In the United States the problem of lack of sleep costs the economy 411 billion dollars a year. Lack of sleep makes you “cooked” and unable to normal operation. Why Bose wants to solve this problem. The company is SleepBuds, headphones will help people to sleep.

Wireless headphones — the result of a recent acquisition Bose, Hush startup, which is developing a “smart ear”. The new headphones will sit comfortably in your ears even if the person sleeps on his side. According to those who have met Sleepbuds surprisingly comfortable, they are hard to lose. Silicone earbuds block ambient noise. Active noise cancelling, but there are built-in patterns sound like the noise of the waterfall and the rustling of leaves that choke the rest. Headphones are $ 249.

Remarkably, the company decided not to add streaming audio files to be stored locally. There are ten preset sounds with the ability to add new ones. The battery lasts about 16 hours active and 16 hours can be added, munitions of the box.

Of course, the controversial device. If you like to fall asleep listening to music or stream, you’re unlucky. And since there is no active noise cancelling on long flights they are also unlikely to help. The only option is white noise. Apparently, many people find it soothing.

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