Bosch offers to get rid of car keys and replace them with a smartphone

Bosch wants to bring the technology of Keyless access to the vehicle to a new level. German manufacturer of electronics is going to visit the International exhibition CES-2019, traditionally held in early January in Las Vegas, and the show developed its Perfectly Keyless system that promises to revolutionize the Keyless entry system, making them more difficult to crack. The system proposed by Bosch, requires the use of a smartphone and a special application.

Perfectly keeps Keyless digital key directly to the smartphone using the mobile app. As soon as the driver approaches the car, the software control digital key transmits through the cloud server from your smartphone signal the sensors built into the car. If the sensors detect a digital key, the system sends a signal to the digital control unit door lock, opening them.

The best part is that the driver does not even need to get the phone and attach to a specific part of the car to unlock. Since information is transmitted through the cloud, the sensors read a digital key from a smartphone, even if he is in your pocket, purse or backpack. This allows Keyless Perfectly to stand out from other similar systems operating on the basis of NFC. It is rather similar to the technology of the Keyless entry, which is used in electric cars Tesla Model 3, according to the portal Digital Trends.

Bosch sees several advantages of the use of technology Keyless Perfectly. The most obvious is that it can make the drivers ‘ life more convenient. No need to carry a bunch of keys, which can be easy to lose, certainly this will contribute. Everything needed will be stored on the smartphone, so people don’t even have to change their habits. You only need to go to his car, open the door, press the engine start button and go about their business. According to the developers, the technology can also find its application in the increasingly popular car-share programs, promising them seriously to simplify.

What might be the drawbacks of such technology? For example, what happens if you lose your phone or someone steals? Bosch have provided such situation. The company notes that the owner will be able to deactivate the digital key via the Internet in seconds, locking or unlocking access to a car. And, of course, still have to ensure that the battery of your mobile device has always been charged to get into the car.

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