Boring Company will open a tunnel with Autonomous vehicles 18 Dec

Let’s first the bad news: Boring Company, owned by Elon musk, won’t be able to open the test tunnel under Los Angeles on 10 December as planned. But the good news is that the Mask defined “product launch” on December 18. And the tunnel will be filled with “modified, but fully resolved on the roads the Autonomous cars and lifts”. In the official account in Twitter, however, said it needed more time to work on these snails, hinting at the creature Ilona, which is ahead of the fastest machines for underground operations Boring Company.

The event itself will happen in a month after the station O’leary broke digging machine and, according to Musk, the events will be a lot more than just the opening of the tunnel. The whole idea is to demonstrate the lifts, able to work without a hitch, and transport, which will rush through the tunnels at speeds up to 250 km/h.

Elon Musk launches high-speed tunnel

As reported in March, Musk, Boring Company will deal with public transport and car shipping — some time later. On the concept of the company, the rapid transit system will connect many individual stations (about the size of one Parking space) and will carry out delivery of passengers. However, as it will actually will be able to see in the near future.

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