“Boka” to book hotels, flights and get offers and discounts

"بوكاتي" لحجز الفنادق ورحلات الطيران والحصول على عروض وخصومات

A new location called the to facilitate the arrangement of our trips and reduce their costs, so that the location of Boca my comes to travel deals travel bookings, flight bookings, hotels in beautiful places around the world with the help of a large data base which possess an enormous number of hotels, flights.

Is similar to Boca. my with other sites such as passenger trips in the submission of travel bookings, but it features them provide discounts and coupons to users to make the flight costs less.

Enjoy Boca my user interface is simple and easy to help to book the tickets or hotels quickly through the list to search for bookings at top of the site, where you can determine the place of take-off and landing for the flight next to the flight dates and the number of people, as can the search for a hotel in the same way to select the arrival date to the office and his departure, and then the user can choose between the best deals and compare prices between different companies.

The website adds in the bottom half also many of the special offers flights and hotels when you select the property, so it can take advantage of them when searching for a car trip or a family, and help in providing the recommendations of the provider in case the user was looking for help in identifying his destination for his holiday annual.

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