Boeing began upgrading after the disaster with the 737 MAX

Boeing has started to update its software on its 737 MAX after French investigators have examined the data from the “black box” with one of the two fatal accidents involving the aircraft occurred in recent months. Last Sunday 737 MAX Ethiopian airlines crashed immediately after takeoff, which killed 157 people on Board, and Boeing called to account. Let’s see what will happen next.

Why crashed “Boeing”?

Boeing will hold a fine-tuning system MCAS involved in the crash 737 MAX 8 Lion Air in Indonesia in October, for 10 days, two sources said, warned that the cause of the last collapse has not been fully determined.

Boeing has suspended deliveries of its best-selling model ahead of the update, which already started before the latest incident, near Addis Ababa.

On Friday, the company said that the update will be installed in the “coming weeks”. The black boxes from an Ethiopian aircraft that was only a few months and which crashed few minutes after take-off, analyzed by the French authorities to determine the cause of the accident.

The Ethiopian delegation was transferred to the French aviation safety Agency BEA flights a cockpit recording of the flight data and cockpit. The plane crash Lion Air has also happened a few seconds after takeoff, killing 189 people, and experts noted similarities between the incidents.

The Federal aviation administration (FAA) said that the results obtained at the crash site and “recently updated satellite data justify further investigation of the ability of the common reasons for the two incidents.”

Some American pilots also reported problems with MCAS. The FAA has requested Boeing to release a fix by April.

On Thursday, the aerospace giant had a phone conference with three carriers that used the 737 MAX and provided them with the patch. Other airlines will get it early next week.

Meanwhile, American pilots have raised questions about the training provided by the flight crew. One of those who flew on MAX 8, said that in the United States trained pilots — many of whom are war — could quickly react to the failure of MCAS, if this had happened during the incident last weekend.

And captain Chesley Sullenberger is known for its safe landing of the damaged plane on the Hudson river in new York without loss of life raised the question of the lack of experience of Ethiopian first officer on doomed flight, which was reported to have flown only 200 hours.

“The crew in the cockpit should be a team, not a captain and a student,” he said.

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