BOE plans to supply OLED screens for the iPhone next

Confirmed new report on the plans of the Chinese company BOE for the supply of OLED screens with sensor touch for the next versions of phones iPhone.

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Company started BOE in the renewal of the facility Sichuan, ready for the start line production of OLED screens that come with sensor touch to compete with Korean giant Samsung in the coming period.

And I knew the company BOE as one of the leading companies in the manufacture of LCD screens, as it is the first of Huawei, only that a new report confirms the BOE used for mass production of screens of OLED.

Come technology sensor touch screen OLED destroy the design of thinner, lighter, forecasts indicate that Apple will be on to this change in the phones the iPhone killer, cover the display technology that came in the phones the iPhone since 2007.

Recall that the company BOE supplying Apple screens for both devices, Macbook and iPad tablet, however, the new report refers to the expansion of its partnership with Apple to also phones iPhone, for Apple of relying fully on Samsung to supply OLED screens.


I know of

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