BOE looking to provide Apple with OLED for the next generation of iPhone

iPhone XS Max

Samsung is about to face some stiff competition in the market of OLED screens. Show new reports that the Chinese company BOE specialized in the manufacture of screens you update the production lines at the facility in Sichuan to allow the production of OLED screens that come built-in with sensor Touch. This company is a leader already in the industry of LCD screens and one of the main suppliers for companies to buy Huawei. Although we have yet to see how will be the view the BOE, it has the sources pointed out that mass production is imminent.

By the sensor built-in touchpad, It depends on the companies install the thin membrane ( film ) on the screen. The benefit of integrating the sensor in the screen to make the latter thinner and lighter. I’ve been using the old technology in the iPhone since its launch in 2007 but is expected to drive the Apple move to the new technology with the next generation.

Company BOE manufactures the screen of the MacBook and iPad already, so we will not use in the case if a company BOE are behind the screens that would be used by Apple in the next generation of iPhone. This step will be logical for Apple because it will help to diversify the sources from which the benefit of the company’s OLED screens, instead of relying only on the Samsung.


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