BOE is pumping investments worth $ 6.7 million in the production line the previous generation of AMOLED screens

In which Samsung’s top of the market of AMOLED screens in the world but it to buy BOE’s different for Chinese companies which have already achieved numerous successes and partnerships with manufacturers of smart phones in the recent period,

Today announced the BOE announced its intention to create a new production line for the previous generation of AMOLED screens (flexible) in the city of Fuzhou Chinese, investments is estimated at $ 6.7 million.

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And to provide the new production line 48.000 piece per month of size 1500mm x 1850mm. Which is reversed on the index BOE market, which rose significantly today by 1.94%, the

It is expected to increase competition between the company and Samsung, despite of the big difference between them at the current time.


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