Body calls the Chinese reveal to us about the design of the phone Huawei P11


Scheduled to be officially announced series phones Huawei P11 Series high-end event to be held by company Huawei on 27 March in the French capital Paris, but we can today to get photos of your phone for Huawei P11 month prior to the official announcement, thanks to the body calls the Chinese TENAA. The phone carries the code name EML-TL00, which is shown from four different angles, which revealed to us that this phone will feature dual camera on the back of the camera another double in the front end.

Although we’ve heard many rumors about the coming of this phone with rear camera three, these images reveal to us that the phone will have two cameras just in vertical position the bottom dual LED flash and laser auto focus. We also note that the logo of Huawei follows the same design which reveals the name of the phone when it is used in vertical position.


The image of the front-end reveal the presence of two cameras close to each other, so the widget is still a point of discussion currently. For sensor fingerprint, it is still the bottom of the screen like phone Huawei P10. Control buttons as the power button is also still the province of the place, along with the usual pattern for the buttons.



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