Boca iPhone Shawty.. cheaper phone flagship specifications fairy

The company announced the Shao my surprise, when talking about the phone’s processor production Qualcomm and model 845, we are talking about the phone owns the hardware devices and the leading end of the top phone manufacturers, but when the price of the phone is around 300 dollars, we’re talking about “Boca iPhone”.

According to what has been announced officially a few days ago from a company Shawty The its new phone will carry the name of “upon F1”, and will come to this phone with the specifications of the fairy qualify to the competition everyone benefits.

It is considered the name of the Boca iPhone as brand new from Shaw, will produce its phones independently of the strings usual of the company in preparation for administrative on the company in the end how much happened in phones honor which follow Huawei.

Is considered to F1 as the first phone in the series, will be the Processor of eight nuclei of the production of the Qualcomm model 845 as in your phone Samsung ‘s flagship “s-9+” hydro-cooling to maintain the constancy of the processor performance with hard work, in addition to the rear camera Double first quality 12 mega pixel camera and 5 Mega pixel camera with double LED, in addition to the front camera with 20 mega pixel camera for better quality selfies next to the use of artificial intelligence techniques for image processing to get the best possible quality.

As for the screen they come size of 6.18 inches to the dimensions of the 18:9 from the quality of the IPS LCD with the protection of Gorilla Glass, but did not specify the generation of the user, the content of the phone on the giant battery 4000 ma non-removable battery, supports fast charging technology 3.0 which is considered the fastest growing globally.

As for the connectivity ports Fidel the phone’s “USB” of the model C, the company tried a way out of the heavens 3.5 mellie in addition to Bluetooth of version 5.0, the sensor footprint behind me and face recognition in infrared “infrared”.

Will be available from the device two versions the first with space for storage of 64 GB or 128 GB memory, random 6 GB, and the second space storage 256 GB flash memory random 8 GB with the possibility of adding memory card external up to 256 GB in both versions dispense with the partner calls the second.

The device will operate the latest version of Android 8.1 times the level of the MIUI 9.6, and is supposed to have some changes to match the brand new “Boca iPhone”.

As for the most important part which is the price of the phone as we said it would be cheaper to phone a leading on record, according to the price of the official phone which was announced in India it will be in the range of 300 USD just for the basic.

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