Boards executive in the United States may impose a fine ” standard ” on the company Facebook

Facebook company

I got Facebook in a range of scandals of privacy in the year 2018, the scandal of the ” Cambridge Analytica ” has been in getting the information users are ill-used is the largest most likely. Regardless of being faced criticisms from the U.S. Congress damaged its reputation, has enabled Facebook to some extent to escape unscathed.

May not be the case, because according to a new report released recently from the Washington Post Of America, it has been said that the regulatory bodies in the USA are considering the imposition of a fine ” standard ” on the company due to violations of privacy. And still the amount of the fine is unknown, but probably will reach more than 22.5 million USD imposed by the Federal Trade Commission on the company Google in 2012.

Was Facebook had reached an agreement with the FTC. the FTC earlier to inform users and obtain permission before sharing data with third parties. Requested the the FTC. from Facebook also notice users about abuse of their personal data. It is understood that these are some of the terms that Facebook violated to impose trade commission federal fine against her.

It is not clear when it will impose such fines or if Facebook had reached some kind of settlement with the Trade Commission the federal. This is partly due to the constant changes the U.S. government, which affects some government agencies such as the FTC. FTC.


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