Board Gboard supports spelling based on IQ line without the need for internet


Works company Google is currently updating the panel by default Gboard phones Pixel camera, that comes this update capabilities dictate fully rely on the capabilities of the artificial intelligence without the need to connect to the internet, meaning that users will be able to dictate emails and texts faster and more reliable, without having to worry about their internet connections.

In this context research scientist and head of team group of speech recognition and entries in the Google Françoise Beaufays “improvements on speech recognition will revolutionize slowly in how we interact with our mobile devices, and noted that despite the improvement in speech recognition in recent years, they are still technically immature, the fact that most speech recognition technologies rely on the internet to send data, the result is a dictation is slow and unreliable”.

With this support, the team spent Google about five years in the development and investigation of the problem in order to simplify the artificial intelligence systems that use color for the photos, for example, used the older versions of the program, the spelling in the panel Gboard three separate components, the first modeling of audio formats, and then reconcile the votes, and then merge these sounds in the output gains, but with the updated version was merged all this work in one step.


In this new version, the mitigation system “chart to decode the code”, where in the older versions of the Gboard, the size of the graph unit decoding 2 GB, which is larger than necessary for processing on the machine, or the new version is smaller 25 a time, being come to the unity decrypt 80 MB.

Finally, as noted by Google, this update is only limited to spelling of the English language and on the phones pixels only, to be posted update and its features in the future on a wider scale and devices, language and more.

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