Board Gboard on the Android you get on the appearance of the new icons

لوحة Gboard على أندرويد تحصل على مظهر ورموز جديدة

Recently created Google usually kind of annoying when it comes to introducing new changes on their applications, where we often find that posting randomly without warning or even announcement from the company party, making it difficult to see what’s new, offers this course on the last update the development of your keyboard. Gboard, where I got the painting on the appearance of new symbols expressive of the Android.

In respect of appearance, notice that the keys become smaller, and there’s something I got search interface, where the bar of the proposals now on the corners of the circular are familiar with the design materials, the new, and when you talk about files, the GIF became the company plans its own smaller, with a Operations Research free step not interface with scrollable vertically.

As part of this update, there are also a range of new emoji, where you can now scroll up and down to get to icons in the new menu, there are also categories at the top for different types of icons.
لوحة Gboard على أندرويد تحصل على مظهر ورموز جديدة

Finally since the update Gboard server-side, you should wait until up to you, preferably here download the latest version of the color of the app page in the store Google Play.

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