B&O unveils new versions of headphones E8 and E6 wireless for athletes

Revealed Company B&O headphones Beoplay E6 Motion وBeoplay E8 Motion wireless targeting athletes with a price starts from $ 300.

Bang & Olufsen -E8 and E6 wireless earphones

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Launched B&O new versions of headphones E8 and E6 wireless involving the title of the Motion which host the athletes and promote the design of anti-icing.

It is planned that you’d expect to hear Beoplay E6 Motion at the price of $ 300, while the come headphone Beoplay E8 Motion at the price of $ 350, to expect all the fish protein in the 23 of May.

From another side come hear an E6 Motion design featuring a wire around the neck, while the headset comes with the Beoplay E8 Motion design wireless full.

Recall that the new versions do not differ in the level of pricing for the original versions of the headphones E8 and E6 substantially, as projections indicate that B&O will be shows to reduce the level of pricing of the original version of the heavens during the coming period.

From another side comes the headphones E8 Motion with wireless charging as in the headphones E8 2.0 revealed at CES 2019, also supports charging via a USB cable also, also offering B&O charging base wireless headphones priced at $ 125.


I know of

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