BMW Electric will not enter mass production until the year 2020


With the burgeoning demand of electric cars full, run many of the specialized companies in the automotive industry now to create their own electric car to get a piece of the market. However, not all manufacturers are in a hurry. The company said BMW, the German leading automotive industry that its electric car will not enter mass production until the year 2020. The company has strong reason for not shopping in the production of their own electric cars.

The company said BMW it will not produce large quantities of its electric car until the year 2020 because the technology that you currently own is not profitable enough to raise the pace of production. It has been revealed by the CEO of the German company.

It is worth mentioning that it’s not as if BMW weren’t working on the appropriate technical order for the new generation of cars which will be the future of transportation. Has appeared the BMW on the scene in 2013, when the launch of the BMW i3, and has since been working to further develop its battery and its electric and its software to produce effective platform and scalable for its electric car of the future. Owns its electric car next BMW i8 Roadster the technique of the fourth generation of electric motors which tell BMW that it will continue to increase in performance by 40 percent over the previous version.

Mr. Harald Kruege, President and CEO of BMW : ” we wanted to wait to be fifth-generation more cost-competitive “. Moreover, it was explained that the company does not want tension with the fourth generation. BMW works now on the sixth generation of its technology has invested an amount consisting of the nine numbers in research relating to batteries for mass production.


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