Bloomberg: the staff of the Amazon listening to the recordings of Alexa

Bought customers Amazon of the violation of their privacy after it was found that, according to assess the new agency Bloomberg, that the company is hiring hundreds of people to listen to the recordings in which they talk through their devices to Alexa, a voice assistant smartphone powered artificial intelligence with Amazon.

The community police officers around the world regularly to recordings of the organs of the Echo, as part of the process of developing new services.

And give employees in Romania, India, Costa Rica and the United States registration of some of the people who are talking to the devices Alexa to verify that the voice assistant understood them correctly.

Staff can Amazon also listen to recordings of occasional customers around the world, which are made when the devices they heard the word “Alexa”.

And community staff to up to a thousand registration a day, the report recommends that the staff claimed that they heard what they think is sexual assault potential was recorded by mistake on your Echo, but Amazon told them it is not the task of the police to intervene in such cases.

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Wrote Ashkan Soltani Ashkan Soltani, chief technical experts, former Federal Trade Commission of America: “most people believe that a person who listens to conversations and invades privacy more than the machine”.

Gref said Ferris is a decent example of Ferris, in charge of legal and political organization Big Brother Watch: “it seems that many of our concerns about the smart home devices prove its sincerity, people should think carefully about possible consequences before brought to their homes”.

And bought users of Twitter that Amazon had allowed staff access to the recordings of the Alexa their own, where he wrote one Twitter user: “I chose to invade the secret privacy of the people”, and many of the customers avoid the use of devices Echo after the report.

But users were given, technically, a warrant for the human race, in terms of the provisions of the Amazon on her voice to Alexa that the company used the auditors humans to listen to some recordings to improve the quality of the Alexa ranking.

The company explained that they used the data to train speech recognition systems, and understanding natural language, and gives users the opportunity to opt out, but she did not explain explicitly that the training include the personnel in America, India, Costa Rica, and more countries around the world, who listen to these recordings.

The report is a reminder that while the artificial intelligence responsible for more digital services, there is still a lot of human elements that are involved in the background, either clean the data or processed.

According to a report by Bloomberg that the staff who listen to audio recordings of the organs of the Echo can see the first name of the customer, in addition to the account number of the Amazon, and the serial number of your Echo.

A spokesman for Amazon said: “We take the security and privacy of our customers ‘ personal information very seriously. Take annotations from a very small sample of audio recordings of Alexa.; to improve the customer experience, and we have to ensure the technical and operational strict, and we have a policy not to help with the misuse of our system”.

He added: “I don’t enjoy the staff direct access to information that can identify the identity of the person or account as part of the workflow, and dealing with all the information of high confidentiality, and use authentication of multiple factors; to restrict access and encrypt the service and protection”.

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