Bloomberg said, who will replace Tim cook

When, in 2011, Tim cook took office as General Director of Apple, many fans of the brand experienced a genuine disappointment. First and foremost, the new appointment meant that the founder and the ideological inspirer of the company Steve jobs no longer in power to be a leader, and therefore decided to voluntarily leave the post. However, over the past eight years, Tim cook has shown himself as an effective leader, under whom Apple has significantly increased its influence and even became the most valuable company in the world. But is there a substitute himself, Tim cook?

According to Bloomberg, the main contender for the post of General Director Apple, if the current leader left it, could become head of operations Jeff Williams. The report States that today he is the second most important member of Apple after Tim cook, addressing a wide range of issues.

Who is Jeff Williams

Despite the fact that Williams, unlike jony Ive and Tim cook, not known to the General public, from the very beginning of his career in the Apple he held senior positions. Starting from the position of chief of the procurement division, in just six years he rose to Vice President and then assumed the post of chief operating officer of the company, reporting directly to Tim cook.

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Former Apple employees call Williams, second cook. Over the years in the company he showed himself as a restrained and disciplined, but demanding leader. He knows how to listen to the interlocutor, regardless of his position, to encourage, if necessary, and ask the right questions. In addition, Williams is stronger involved in the development of Apple than Tim cook, holding regular meetings with designers and developers. One of the projects for the development of which he monitors personally, is the Apple Watch. But most importantly, they are very close with Tim cook, which would probably chose Williams as his successor.

Tim cook is leaving Apple?

However, the opinions of former and current Apple employees that talked to Bloomberg, it does not mean that the company planned changes in staffing. Obviously, Tim cook is doing his job and, despite disruptions to sales, leading the company on the right course. At the same time, there is no doubt that Apple has no irreplaceable people, and that in the case of care with cook as CEO it will be someone to take.

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