Bloomberg : Apple will three iPhone in different size and specifications and colours

Still, leaks and reports to spin at the same astronomical clock but this time the news comes from a powerful source and talk here on the site Bloomberg economic reliable are often in relation to news of Apple and US.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the last of the Apple used to detect the three phones iPhone new sizes, colors and specifications and advantages of different and of course the difference includes rates and even names.

Phone Best will get the name of the iPhone Xs Plus will come with a screen of the type and size of 6.5 inches will be the best in everything with custom features such as support for open application with.

Also will Apple TV iPhone 9, which will be free in a series of new phones will come with a screen of the LCD type but will be without dialogue, almost will be the technical Face ID.

There’s also the phone is Face ID which will be similar to a large iPhone X current with improvements on processor, Radio, camera and of course the performance of the battery and the device in general but it will be at a lower price of phone Xs Plus.

The report states that Apple will be the fourth generation of hours Apple Watch, which is the other you’ll get important updates on the gear and even the design of hand of the screen that will be bigger and the edges almost.

Updates will include new devices iPad terms of processing Apple to reveal a new version of the iPad Pro stat screen but the edges almost with the removal of the button footprint and support the face recognition technology Face ID.


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