Blocks to work with AI have 8150 Snapdragon and MediaTek Helio P80 are very powerful

In the base test AI-Benchmark for evaluating the speed of single-chip systems in the tasks associated with artificial intelligence, reported the results of platforms 8150 Snapdragon and MediaTek Helio P80, which is not yet represented.

As you can see in the image, the first leads and the second, actually, the second. The gap between single-chip systems are small, and this is a big plus in the Treasury above all MediaTek. After all, P80 P60 faster from 3.3 times. For comparison, the 980 is faster than Kirin Kirin 970 is “only” 35%.

As for the OnePlus 6 in the third place, it is likely a glitch. At least because the database has one OnePlus 6 with a score of 6092 points, and other devices with Snapdragon SoC 845 show approximately the same results. In the end, this platform does not block the NPU, where the tasks of AI fall on the Hexagon DSP, which is due to its architecture it is quite copes with the task.

However, you should pay attention to a few details. First, the tests of unit NPU differ essentially from the tests the GPU or CPU, as the types of tasks and algorithms can vary significantly. This means that in some other test, where the AI will be used otherwise, the results can be very different. Secondly, even here you can see the footnote indicates that some platforms were tested with one of two algorithms, and some with both.

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