Blocking Microsoft’s search engine in China

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حجب محرك بحث مايكروسوفت في الصينBlocking Microsoft’s search engine in China

Blocking Microsoft’s search engine in China

The company said Microsoft on Wednesday said that its engine search (ping) is blocked in China, becoming the latest service technology to a foreign related to the closure through a programme of internet censorship in the country (Green View).

The company reported in a statement ”confirmed that currently the access to the engine ping in China, we are identifying the next steps“.

This is the second setback for the tech giant American in China since November 2017 when it was pulling Skype service to connect to the messaging online of my Store apps to Apple and Android.

Did not respond to the management of cyberspace censorship in China questions about blocking search engine (Bing).

He (Bing) search engine the only foreigner which can be accessed through software control (view). And Microsoft censor search results on topics that are sensitive in line with government policy.

And Google search of the group that blocked in China since 2010. The president said Google executive Sundar Pichai in last December that the company ”has no plans“ to launch a search engine in China, and was continue to examine the idea amid heightened scrutiny on large technology companies.

Strengthened Chinese President Xi Jinping’s control of the internet in China since 2016, with a capacity of the ruling Communist Party to suppress the opposition on social media.

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