Blockchain-Wang. Who was right about the bottom of the stock market?

It is difficult to predict price trends highly volatile asset like cryptocurrencies. Of course, you can try, guided by the available data and the available financial strategies. However, it is difficult to understand how Joseph Lubina was able to pinpoint the bottom of the stock market and the end of the bearish trend. He said on reaching the bottom, when Bitcoin was in the bottom of the graph and ranged somewhere in the area of 3128 dollars. A couple of statements he had made when a coin suddenly gained 33.4 percent.

Many analysts believe that the failure of the ICO sector has led to a significant reduction of Bitcoin throughout 2018. In turn, as claimed by Lubin, death ICO will return to the market a true buyers of Bitcoin.

Rehabilitation Of Bitcoin

Now the statement Lubin will go down in history as one of the most accurate cryptoprocessor. He was sure in the end cryptogamy when bears predicted the coin drop to $ 1500 or even lower. However, a trend reversal happened. Today, Bitcoin has bounced from the bottom of 167%. Only in the second quarter of the year, coin prices have doubled, thanks to the improving fundamental market properties cryptocurrencies.

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Jump on Bitcoin 167,52 percent. Source:

Altcoins are not far behind

The dominance of Bitcoin on the stock market explains the growth trajectory of the remaining assets in this segment. For many months the situation in the market of altcoins were quite deplorable. Now many coins grew even more Bitcoin.

For example, the”digital silver” Litecoin is up 350 per cent and the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum, the following Bitcoin gained 185 percent. The most fast Cash Bitcoin, the growth of which exceeded 440 percent.

The total capitalization of the stock market increased by 245 billion. This is an increase of 141,28 percent from December last year. Don’t forget to participate in the discussion of cryptocurrencies in our cryptodata.

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