Blockchain-smartphones: what they can do and what are they?

Smartphone manufacturers beginning to explore new terrain in recent years appeared several interesting mobile devices that support the blockchain. The race even included such well-known brands as HTC and Samsung.

The term blockchain smartphone mean phone in which the emphasis is on decentralized technologies. Simply put, this device may provide improved cryptographic protection for storage of private keys, the ability to create a full Bitcoinnode, or even cryptocurrency mining. Here are the five most popular models of blockchain-based smartphones that are available to users.

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HTC Exodus 1S

Exodus 1S is a new and cheaper version of the blockchain-Exodus 1 flagship from HTC, which can be purchased for about $ 250. The device has the necessary features to work with crypt, inherited from the older model. Exodus 1S also allows you to run a full Bitcoin node. However, you need to buy a rather expensive memory card 400 GB. Read more about the pros and cons of the models we wrote in a separate article.

Source: Reddit

HTC Exodus 1

Flagship from HTC, waterproof cryptoendoliths more expensive almost three times and has the best specifications. However, while Exodus 1 is not able to run a full Bitcoin node. The manufacturer promises to add this feature in the near future.

Source: GSMarena

The smartphone has 6-inch display, a powerful Snapdragon processor 845 and dual front camera 12 and 16 megapixels. The RAM is 6 GB and the battery capacity is 3500 mAh. For lovers of active smartphone usage provides protection to the IP68 standard. The latter implies the possibility of immersion in water half a meter for half an hour.

Samsung Galaxy S10

The South Korean company at the time made a lot of noise in kriptonyteby adding support for native crypto in its flagship. Now Galaxy S10 supports the possibility of storing and exchanging Bitcoin, Ethereum, LEO, Chainlink, USD Coin and many other altcoins.

Source: Wired

By the way, in South Korea, you can purchase a smartphone called KlaytnPhone. This is a common Samsung Galaxy Note 10, but with the support of decentralized applications. The device was developed in partnership with Kakao and maintains its native token KLAY.

Sirin Labs Finney

This smartphone has a built-in cold storage, for which a dedicated hardware environment within the phone itself. Slider provides access to a purse that has a mini display with the most important information. Perhaps the only drawback Sirin Labs Finney is relatively high price of the device — you can buy it for $ 999.

Source: Reddit

Pundi X Blok on the Blok (BOB)

The model with the strange name of the Blok on the Blok has a very interesting structure — literally, the user himself must build a gadget from various parts. As stated by the manufacturer, the BOB is perfect for the role of the second phone to control its own cryptocurrency wallet. Blok on the Blok is not yet available commercially, but its developers have promised that for calls and Internet access, the user does not need a centralized connection provider.

Source: PhoneArena

More interesting gadgets on the blockchain can be found in our cryptodata millionaires. And go to Yandex Zen.


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