BlackBerry will hold a convention to secure the phones of the Land Rover cat


The company announced the BlackBerry partnership with the company Bullitt Group, a British smartphone to add the technology BlackBerry of cybersecurity to the future models for CAT andLand Rover, to become more durable from the outside and more powerful and safely from the inside.

And technology BlackBerry cyber-security BlackBerry Secure between software and custom applications to protect the privacy of users of devices, in addition to its ability to prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities existing on the device.

The Bullitt license phones CAT andLand Rover, which has been designed for use in rugged environments such as construction sites, the company sells its handsets in more than 100 countries, forging its sales in Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America and Latin America.

Alex told her the Director General of the Department of Technology Solutions the pebble Perry: “will this new Convention to expand the scope of the BlackBerry device Secure in the more than 100 market group Bullitt Group currently distributes its products, especially in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, customers will be able to Bullitt Group ranging from farmers to construction workers access to the adventurers, to obtain strong products are not only solid from the outside, but are designed to ensure safety in the home”.

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