BlackBerry reports Twitter allegedly violating six patents back to

بلاكبيري تقاضي تويتر بزعم انتهاكها ست براءات الاختراع تعود إليها

The company BlackBerry filed lawsuits against the social media platform Twitter for allegedly violating her for OF own patents in messaging systems and techniques of advertising via phones as well as mute notifications.

Inasmuch as the complaint that Twitter still violate the rights of the patent place in six different areas including the establishment of product development and messaging using the innovations of BlackBerry and duties of the VA ours that have long characterized the was promoting its commercial success.

The face of the BlackBerry similar charges last year Facebook’s alleged violation of seven patents not related to safety and added features for the user interface also updates the status of the battery as well other private messages and the phone in games and other similar issues Twitter.

However, Facebook responded similarly accused it of violating five of its patents where still lawsuits in the courtroom for a moment, it is worth mentioning that BlackBerry has shown its orientation to the software after the stop it plan to manufacture phones in 2016 and launch its phone KEYone source by TCL 2017 which and for update during the exhibition MWC 2019

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