BlackBerry Messenger stops working officially on the 31st of May

Announced Emtek recently about their plans to stop the BlackBerry Messenger is officially on the 31st of May next, given the direction a lot of users to other platforms.

BlackBerry Messenger shuts down

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Back set Emtek ownership rights to application BlackBerry Messenger from New through 2016, and then the company started to develop the app, but that turned many of the users of the app to other platforms led to the company’s recent decision to stop the app from working officially on the 31st of May.

Has stated the team working on the BlackBerry Messenger that the company had made a lot of effort already to develop the app after restore the rights of ownership from new, however, many of the App Users new and experienced problems in the registry in the application after its development.

Recall that the company BlackBerry original level in the development of encryption software in the current time, and also provides the application of BBMe in now in the Google Play Store, and also the Apple App Store, where the app is available to users free of charge for a period of up to 12 months, and then expects a fee of 2.49 dollars every 6 months.


I know of

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