BlackBerry launches phone KeyOne color Bronze

Earlier last year BlackBerry announced first time for KeyOne in the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2017, and was the first phone to be produced under the management of TCL, which bought the rights to the production of BlackBerry phones. This year has not launched any new phone in CES 2018, but it announced the availability of BlackBerry motion -which was announced this October past. in the United States, besides version, Bronze color for KeyOne. Will available BlackBerry motion of the United States on January 12, next, seems via Amazon at a price of 450$ (1,688 SAR), which as we mentioned previously comes with a 5.5-inch and processor Snapdragon 625, in addition to random memory to 4 gigabytes and 32 gigabytes internal storage capacity and battery 4,000 MA, and it is true that currently available with Android system discussed, except that TCL has announced that it will get updated oreo soon. The KeyOne of the bronze’s version of the colourful new match for the standard version, which comes with a memory that to 4 gigabytes capacity, internal storage to 64 gigabytes in addition to feature a new dual-SIM SIM, and for its launch in markets that would be during the first quarter of 2018 to up to selected States in the Eastern Middle East, Asia and Europe.

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