BlackBerry is preparing to launch 3 smartphones through 2018


Of the product that the company launches BlackBerry three smart phones at least through this year, which carry the codes are assigned to the “Athena and Luna uni”, where she appeared these three phones over the course of weeks post-treatment financial site performance tests Geekbench, in the framework of its registration rules and registration data on the device European.

According to the published position of fonearena India, has confirmed the BlackBerry already it will launch a pair of phones KeyOne this year, but it seems that the company will launch three phones instead of two.

With regard to the phone Uniوهو phone that has been disclosed by patents and trademarks owned by Blackberry and TCL, which revealed the results that the phone is expected to be identical with the BlackBerry private.

The phone Athena is expected to have a full QWERTY keyboard will ensure access memory random 6 or 8 GB, as will An internal memory of 64 GB, adding to the dual camera in the back processor Snapdragon 660.


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