BlackBerry is cooperating with Microsoft to make phones safer working

Blackberry Priv

While the security of the smartphone consumer is clearly important, this becomes even more important when it comes to devices allocated to the premises. This is because the custom hardware for the premises contain sensitive information such as prices, contracts and projects speed boat, and more. This is the reason that companies in the past relied on services such as Blackberry Entreprise Server to secure the devices of their employees.

And speaking of BlackBerry, while the company will no longer make smartphones of their own, they did not forget the software-related because they announced that they will cooperate with Microsoft in an attempt to help make the phones more secure. The aim of this new service which is called the name of the BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE companies in sectors such as banking, health care, and law and government.

According to BlackBerry, it has stated by saying : ” by making Microsoft Apps Mobile available seamlessly from within the BlackBerry Dynamics, the users will have in companies now experience static when you open, edit, and save files to Microsoft Office 365, including Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents on any device powered by Android or iOS “.

She added : ” This enables users to work at any time, in any place, and with high precision. At the same time, the departments of information technology companies of the greater return on the investment of its current, and make sure that the Company data their privacy is guaranteed according to the highest standards, and in accordance with company policies and regulatory laws “.


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