Black stripe Apple. Smartphone sales are not encouraging, and stocks are falling

It seems that with the sales of the new iPhone from Apple went wrong. First came the rumors that the company will increase orders for the iPhone XR as planned.

Then began to say that aren’t selling all three models, and now it is reported that Apple has reduced orders to partners on all three new iPhone models! In my memory of similar rumors about Apple in past years was not.

And these rumors come from different sources, and they are partially official. In particular, some companies that supply components for the iPhone, spoke about the decrease in orders.

Amid all this, Apple shares began to fall. If you look at the graph of the value of the company’s securities, a sharp decline occurred in the beginning of the month. At that time the stock was trading for about $ 220. Now their price is $ 178. That is just three weeks copertina shares lost in price 20%. This means that the capitalization has decreased by the same amount.

More specifically, now that being said, Apple is 846 billion, although only a month ago it was over 1 trillion dollars. Microsoft is catching up. Its market capitalization is now at 800 billion, Though its shares, too, has fallen slightly recently, but not like Apple. It is possible that soon Apple will lose the title of most expensive companies in the world and it will be Oh how entertaining.

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