“Black Shark”.. Smart Phone Shawty professionals video games

Put Shawty Xiaomi phone “Black Shark” Black Shark in the European markets, which is the trademark of a subsidiary of the company Shao Chinese Xiaomi to manufacture phones, targeted by his lover and video games on smart phones.

And the pricing of the phone, the Black Shark, (black share) formally of Shawnee at a price of 499 euros (10,200 pounds almost) for the phone 6 GB Ramat / 64 GB internal memory, و549 euros (11,200 pounds approx) for the phone version of 8 GB Ramat / 128 GB internal memory.

According to many of those who were able to experience the phone Shao new, has praised the performance of the card its good capacity of 4,000 mAh battery, and draws Snapdragon 845, high capacity memory ram (Rama), along with dual rear camera accurately 20, 12 MP, and distinctive design appropriate to the worlds of video games.

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