Black Friday: how to protect your data during online shopping

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A few days separate us from one of the largest events in the field of shopping globally and locally, which is the Friday cuts, called the day Black Friday Black Friday in the United States, in the same context says a lot of Arab shops providing fantastic discounts on this day but they call it a day White Friday , White Friday.

Form cyber attacks and data breaches and hackers a big threat to users of web sites during the recent period, so no matter which site you intend to benefit from just belt tightening his presentations on Black Friday, it must be in the middle of caution in order to avoid the monument or hack, because this day was a great opportunity for hackers who are trying to speed due to the huge turnout on the websites of e-commerce.

How to protect your data during shopping online on Black Friday:

Is shopping online is easy and comfortable with to be vigilant on the security and protection of access via internet, so we offer you some tips that you should keep in mind before shopping on Black Friday.

First: check the security of the web site that will online shopping

It may be difficult to determine the security features of the website unless you know what you are looking for, so here’s what you should check it out on site before delivery:

You should always look for the SSL certificate, which you can easily verified as follows:

  • Before the introduction of credit card payment or any confidential information, make sure that the website in your browser’s address bar turns green or begins with HTTPS and not HTTP. This is an indication that your session is secure and that the site uses encryption to protect your personal data, defines this protocol as SSL – Secure Socket Layer, which protects online transactions by keeping confidentiality of data during transmission across the sites through consultation, in other words through the it be your data invisible to hackers

Time is of the essence in the shopping day Black Friday Best Buy deals can happen in the blink of an eye, during the registration on the web site may not be available some security features but there are other ways to help you stay safe online, including:

1 – Be sure to use complex passwords during the registration in the sites

A lot of users of web sites resort to using simple passwords during their registration, such as 123456 أوABC or phone number and the like, but all these passwords are easy to stop, and if I did such a mistake, you’re providing hackers all your data on a layer of silver as they say because it won’t find any difficulty in your hack, so be sure to use complex passwords with letters, numbers and symbols.

2 – stay away from using the same password for all websites and accounts

The longer you use the same password for multiple accounts or website e-shopping is the biggest thing wrong doing because that would make you an easy victim for hackers, and once the hacked account one of them can penetrate the other accounts easily.

I know it’s hard to save a lot of passwords, especially with the multitude of sites and accounts and services that we use on the internet, so try to set yourself an appropriate way, through which you can generate different passwords and complex at the same time.

3 – don’t stimulate your passwords and registration information on your phone

If you are keen to create your account names, users and passwords are different and I was afraid of forgetting it so I had to save it in a file on your phone or on your device, you serve the Pirates not deceive yourself surely because the first thing Pirates do if they found your password complex is to send malicious software to your device that you are trying to access sites from which to penetrate and search for passwords.

4. beware the pressure on the links to your emails gas reliable or links to pages that look tempting and sometimes free

Can come the attempts of phishing on the form of a letter knows about a deal or a great show but the links in the e-mail will get you to a fake website built to capture your personal data personal.

So never click on links or download files from unknown sources, often containing e-mail messages, websites, backup on spelling or grammatical errors making it easier to detect.

5 – make sure you use a virtual private network VPN when you connect to a Wi-Fi free public

The worst thing you can do is shopping online during you’re connected to a public WiFi because you do expose yourself to penetrate for sure, so if you try to crop the opportunity to purchase on Black Friday and you’re out of the house is connected to public WiFi be sure to secure yourself through the use of a virtual private network VPN which will encrypt the data you send and receive sites, so if one of the people hacked. it has just a bunch of encrypted data.

6. check constantly on this day of your transaction and your bank

Be careful in dealings during shopping on Black Friday and continued Your Account and the movement on them constantly if you discover any transaction that you don’t remember her and is able to identify peaks immediately inform the bank through the customer service to help you maintain your account.

The gate Arab News Technical day Black Friday: how to protect your data while shopping online

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