Black Friday along with Madrobots: discounts of up to 70% and the ruble

Black Friday is an event the occurrence of which is waiting for millions of Americans. It takes place on the eve of thanksgiving and anticipating a pre-Christmas sale season, is characterized by enormous queues and discounts on all imaginable products. Despite the imported nature of this festival, more recently it is celebrated in Russia and participation in the organization has taken store offering its customers incredible gizmos at incredibly low prices.

Shop Madrobots is the first store focused on the sale of experimental products. In its range and even the most sophisticated customer will find something. To look here is not only geeks but also fans of the solutions to improve productivity, seekers of gifts and just fans of all unusual. There’s everything from “smart” technology to the ultimate solutions for travel, leisure and creativity.

Traditionally, Black Friday in the US falls on one of the days in the period from 23 to 29 November and actually lasts only a few hours — until the goods are in stock. In Madrobots sure that this is not enough and this year decided to hold a marathon discounts from 20 to 30 November, giving everyone the opportunity to indulge in shopping at affordable prices. And purchase, by the way, is what, after all, during the sale the store will feature more than 1000 items with a discount up to 70% and also the price of just 1 ruble.

Selected items discounts

And now we offer you to see what fun you can buy on sale. Some products by default offered at a discount, but there are some that you can grab cheaper just by entering the promo code BF2018.

Pacsafe Instasafe Backpack — 50% off

This is a stylish backpack that can be very useful to have to travel in the asphalt jungle. Its distinctive feature is a high level of protective properties. The frame of the backpack forms the enclosing metal mesh, which reduces the risk that attackers will be able to strut it, and the system of complex locks and steel sling will protect from pickpockets and followers “technologies of the 90-ies”, which consists in the cutting of bags.

In addition, the Pacsafe Instasafe will save your Bank cards with NFC. The RFID protection thieves will not be able to write off these funds, bringing the contactless terminal to the backpack.

The horse-mech from Ugears — 40% off

This new product from the famous manufacturer of designers for adult Ugears. We have talked about products of this brand, go build who wanted to literally every employee in our office.

All products Ugears not only conceived from the point of view of the layout of parts, but made of natural materials and, most importantly, mobile, set in motion a system of combined mechanisms.

This 3D puzzle is composed of 410 parts, the Assembly of which will take about 9 hours, which you can share with loved ones.

The horse-mech is equipped with resyndication, setting it in motion, and the role of the bionic heart takes the built-in chest compartment pendulum. Just get the mechanism and the horse will move like alive. This is due to the fact that the pendulum transmits the vibrations from the gum of the engine on moving the design elements that mimic the actual movement of the horse.

Rombica NEO NS120 Quick 12 000 mAh — 30% discount

Since smartphone manufacturers mostly do not pay enough attention to their autonomy, the consumers have to solve the problem yourself. In this case will be useful external battery from Rombica that can recharge your iPhone several times to 100%. And with a thirty percent discount-it — himself jobs told!

Portable coffee machine Wacaco Nanopresso — 20% discount

Did you see that? With Wacaco Nanopresso to drink strong espresso will be even far away from civilization and real coffee. Thanks to its compact size and light weight it melts a precious drink in the mountains, on the road and even in the woods. Just pour the coffee into the filter, pour hot water into the flask, and press the plunger, which will create inside pressure up to 18 bar and pull from the processed beans of all flavors.

Aromamedalony SensorWake — 30% discount

Did you know that the role of the alarm can be used not only sounds, but also flavors? When the familiar melody on the phone is tired, she will be replaced by SensorWake. At the specified time the alarm will start to fill the room with your favorite scent, acting on the subconscious and thereby contributing to the revival of the body. Insert the scented capsule in a special connector, set the desired response time and fall asleep without fear of waking.

Standard package includes SensorWake one capsule with the aroma of hot toast, but you can always change them according to your choice, acquiring any flavors. For example, espresso, croissants, sea-coast, chocolate, herbs and mint.

Ranbaxy DIY House — 30% discount

The roombox is nothing like an interior designer, which will allow to move the game the Sims in real life. Build the perfect room, workshop or study in miniature, arrange the furniture and accessories the way you like it. Perfect not only for children but for adults as well, contributing to the development of imagination and the formation of interior taste.

Your humble servant grew up in an apartment, but all the childhood dreamed to have your own attic as the heroes of American films. Interior designer, DIY House Attic Wooden Hut stirred up old memories, in fact forced to fork out to buy it. The product was extremely high quality and thoughtful.

The package designer includes not only small items of furniture, but even the current lighting with a portable battery as well as brushes, glue and paint. With them interior attic will play in a new way, ensuring high attention from the visitors of your home. What a pity that electricity bills will not pay for fake money!

Products for 1 ruble

Remember the products for 1 ruble, of which we mentioned in passing above? This is not a figurative expression and not a marketing ploy to attract attention. The opportunity to buy the coveted gadget at this price would be for each visitor. The only thing you need to do is like and share the sale with friends. Each mark “like” and “Share” reduces the price of goods, increasing the likelihood that it will be sold for the promise of the ruble.

Draw of devices at the final price, which may be even 1 ruble, will be held November 30 at live on page Madrobots in Facebook. And to increase your chances of winning, it is enough to show activity in shopping discounts. However, Madrobots promises not to leave without prizes even ordinary viewers live-broadcast, promising the valuable gifts and bonuses.

The main goods that can be bought for 1 ruble:

  • Quadcopter DJI Mavic Air;
  • The MacBook Air 13 Mid 2017 MQD32;
  • Game console Sony PlayStation Slim;
  • Headphones Apple AirPods (5 PCs.);
  • Genetic test Atlas (3 PCs).

Squeeze from Friday discounts this year possible!

To participate in the sale

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