Black Blue — minimalistic puzzle colorful fun

References puzzles usually causes discomfort. Perhaps the trail leads to his childhood, where the collection of large mosaic had to spend a lot of time on the mere turning of the fragments of the picture. Black Blue also belongs to this genre, but everything here is interesting. In the game struggling with the computer and not give black color to advantage.

The game is of interest even before launch. According to the developers, the creation of the app was inspired by the philosophy of Yin and Yang. They also called Black Blue suitable for all ages.

The game is difficult, but understandable. In the beginning of the round at the top of the display before us there is a random figure. Following the contours of the dots, one black dot is already.

After selection, the blue points figure will be filled with two colors, and do it exactly with the above pattern. Our task is to make the share of blue color in the end ahead of black. To do this, analyze the shape and choose the right place. The goal is to prevent the spread of the black color on the map.

For example, take the level. In front of us three points, one black. Figure — angle. If we choose the extreme point, black and blue will meet in the second point. Then the shares will be equal to each other, and the task will be performed again.

But if you select the midpoint, blue will come in the form of a straight line to the third point and also block the movement of black half way through. The result is 75 percent blue and a quarter — black. The level is passed.

With each level the complexity will increase. After a couple of passage will be divided into two stages. First, will fight for the external figure, and then for internal.

It is important to note that the game is suitable for a mode for two. Before each turn, pass the phone to your friend and try to put your opponent on the shoulder with intelligence.

Black Blue will appeal to fans of puzzles and logic games. The unusual collaboration will bring new sensations and short levels will keep you entertained at any minute.

App: Black Blue
Developer: Wonderkid Development
Category: Puzzle
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

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