Bixby voice assistant for the Samsung treat Note 9 and can’t turn it off

The contrast of the illustration, the previous Samsung, Note 9 has many specifications that made him a loved a large category of fan of Samsung, but it seems that previous versions like the Galaxy S9, S8, Note 8, for its ability to stop the run Bixby.

It does not have the control key Assistant to audio in Note 9, not even your application to the assistant feature off Bixby, where the previous versions the property to stop the audio plugin only, without the ability to personalize the own key for other uses, and it shows when you try to perform a quick search for the key to the Bixby will be the screen empty of any commands as shown in the picture.

It is worth mentioning that the Galaxy S9 and Note 8 have suffered from the same problem, until Samsung updates the version of the audio tour the property provides off, was user complaints about the pressure on the open Bixby error about trying to use the control keys to health, but the new update helped in one way or another to solve the problem but not to meet the desire of users to full.

It is likely that Samsung is upgrading the current version to help her voice to stop running, but until that moment will remain as a dilemma equivalent to the latest versions of the Korean company.

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