BitMEX has launched a service for monitoring hardforum Bitcoin and BCH

The research Department of the Hong Kong stock exchange announced the official launch of the tool for network monitoring Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash. New feature BitMEX received the name It will serve as “a useful tool to monitor the situation during upgrades of the network (softforyou or hardforce)”. More detailed information is given in the company blog.

Fork in real time

As stated by the representatives of BitMEX, ForkMonitor is connected to several nodes in the networks of the Bitcoin Bitcoin and Cash. Release tool dedicated to the hard forks of Bitcoin Cash, which will be held November 15. However, in the company blog says that after this procedure, “the emphasis will shift to monitoring of Bitcoin”.

Guide BitMEX is known for his criticism towards fork of Bitcoin. Blog exchange one of the supporters of Bitcoin Cash Craig Wright called “fake Satoshi”. Recall that Wright is remembered for his unconfirmed statement that he is the Creator of the main cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, on Twitter BitMEX appeared a scathing post about the future of the hard forks BCH.

What will happen to Bitcoin ABC, SV Bitcoin and Bitcoin Unlimited 15 November? Branch Craig Wright (also known as “fake Satoshi”) SV Bitcoin will break away from the team to create their own blockchain.

Image source — Reddit

Let’s hope that ForkMonitor will become a very useful tool during upgrades cryptocurrency. According to experts of the exchange, the service also helps to prevent dangerous bug consensus CVE-2018-17144, which was seen by the developers back in September.

Earlier, BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes expressed new pornos about the future of Bitcoin. According to him, cryptocurrency is still plenty of room for a new wave of drop — bullrun will start only after the Bitcoin drops to $ 2,000.


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