Bitmain released the Antminer S9 Hydro with water cooling. Characteristics and profitability of new

Yesterday Bitmain announced the release of its latest asika Antminer S9 Hydro. The latest mining hardware Bitcoin will now be working on the water cooling and to issue 18 of teruhisa per second. This writes the News.bitcoin.

What will mine Bitcoin

Over the past few months from five major manufacturers announced the release of new Asimov. Canaan Creative has gone even further — the company will be engaged in the development of a special TV for cryptocurrency mining.

Bitmain Technologies has announced the production of the most advanced asika Antminer S9 Hydro. As representatives of the company, S9 Hydro has a much lower noise level and improved power consumption.

Asik accelerates to 18 teruhisa per second, which consumes 1728 watts (which is comparable with the usual kettle). The miners will also be able to use water cooling system Hydro-Hex for space heating.

Working temperature of the chip asik does not exceed 5 degrees Celsius. According to preliminary estimates, mining Bitcoin on S9 Hydro will help the big miners to reduce their costs by 8-12 percent. and in Addition to the effective cooling water system of Hydro-Hex significantly reduces the noise level. In comparison with the usual usikami S9 Hydro hush about 20 dB.

In Bitmain explained that the acquisition of S9 Hydro will reduce the cost of mining centres even against dust. Design asika completely eliminates the ingress of small particles inside the equipment. However, because of the water cooling system S9 Hydro will occupy more space than the previous generation.

S9 Hydro power is still not at a main competitor’s GMO B3. However, the economy that asik may make it desirable acquisition among the home and large miners.

Profitability Antminer S9 Hydro

Immediately let us estimate the yield model. Traditionally, we introduce the performance of the device on WhatToMine and evaluate the results. The extraction algorithm is SHA256. The cost of a kilowatt of electricity is set at 5 cents.

Click calculations.

The peak income at today’s exchange rate will be around 4.7 per dollar, and the profit will be equivalent to 2.64 dollar. If electricity is cheaper, money will be more.

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