Bitfinex team refused to trade Venezuelan El Petro

Last week the Minister of science and technology of Venezuela, Pbel ROA announced about the start of the ICO national cryptocurrencies El Petro (PTR). The state will release 100 million coins. Now one of the largest kryptomere Bitfinex announced about refusal in placing the PTR on its trading platform.

El Petro are not allowed on the exchange

In the message exchange States that El Petro has limited application and can be created to bypass sanctions imposed by the United States against the government of the country. Another reason for the ban was a restriction on all transactions with digital currencies, issued by the official authorities of Venezuela.

We never had plans to add a PTR or similar token to the trading platform Bitfinex. In light of the US sanctions and the risks associated with these products, Bitfinex will not add and to carry out transactions with PTR or other similar digital tokens.

The representative Bitfinex said that the ban applies to all users of the exchange who are residents of the United States, and employees of the company.

During the presale of cryptocurrency, the Venezuelan government has attracted $735 million from investors from 127 countries, including Russia, USA, Spain, South Korea, Cuba, Japan, France and China.

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