Bitcoins Wealth — divorce of suckers. We found a 100% Scam

Since the beginning of the year, hackers stole the coins at $ 1.1 billion. Most scammers attacked the trading platform, but sometimes used vulnerabilities in servers and cloud wallets. The amount of damage will increase. This will contribute to the dumbest Scam-schemes, one of which we faced before.

Bitcoins Wealth. How it all began

On Friday we received a letter with a proposal of cooperation. Author — Eugene Is. Man introduced the affiliate program Manager 3snet and announced its own terms.

Employee proposed to place links to specific resources and to get the money for the Deposit. In other words, the more readers will invest in the project, the more earnings. Eugene promised “great monetization”.

Sounds cool, but the resource is suspicious. It looks like his main.

The authors recommended that “to ride the wave of Bitcoin”. The day promised a lot — 13 thousand dollars. Just below it described the life of members of a private club, which allegedly amassed huge fortunes and enjoy life. Their work is limited to a few minutes a day, they hang out at the luxury resorts.

The project has already changed the lives of three of his compatriots. Subconsciously suggest that once they were able to, so can we. Intrigued. Now watch the video.

The first woman brags good earnings. Its $ 250 turned into 13048 bucks in just 24 hours.

A man in a presentable jacket on a background of luxurious TV reveals their income. Only 37 days and already more than 400 thousand dollars — cool. He stressed that the program Bitcoin Code helped him to leave the hated job and start enjoying life.

The third victim of wealth invested before. She invested in gold, currencies and stocks of a certain GIC. Then bought bitcoins with the help of the program and received 784302 dollar for a couple of months. It’s more the profits from her portfolio for 20 years. Finally, promises of becoming a millionaire in just 30 days.

The details of the Scam

All the characters in the movie have similarities. In addition to wealth, they are campaigning to invest $ 250. In addition, thank you to some of Steve, who changed their lives.

It turns out that Wealth with Bitcoins simple. We have Steve Alexandrov, and here is a picture of him. Reminiscent of stock, so be it.

“Genius” has developed, which has allegedly brought more than $ 18 million over the past six months. But and satisfied customers.

The program automatically sells the chops, and does it with “accuracy at 99.4 percent.” The authors make it clear that losing is almost impossible. In the video an example of how $ 250 per day of independent work of the application into 14 thousand dollars.

Where did the miracle program

Steve made it a secret order of his boss, who asked “very influential people”. Then the commander disappeared, so the developer tried to use it myself. The result was rich and began to share with others.

What pressured the crooks

The atmosphere of mystery authors was not enough. They also added elements of FOMO. Steve, though good-natured, but the program will only favourites. The number of free copies are supposedly limited, so hurry. If you miss the opportunity, are to blame.

Besides, in the video constantly remind about the automatic operation and 13 thousand dollars a day. Dreams come true — you can do nothing and get a lot of money.

What causes suspicion

13 thousand $ 250 per day, and even in the current market situation — this is someone’s ridiculous fantasy. But you can complain to another. Make sure same will help English version of the site.

Steve — not Steve

Here Steve Alexandrov turns to Steve Robinson. Most likely, two geniuses. They’re twins, and after birth they were separated. First went to Russia and changed her name, and the second was in the West. Or Vice versa.

Stolen pictures

It looks like the rest of the members of the secret society of the Bitcoin millionaires.

They hang out so well that their pictures were on the photostocks.

And on the other site. Coincidence!

Video for fools

In the English version of the movie the same scenario. The second character also earned more than 400 thousand dollars and went to the “unloved” work, and the third patient also had investments in gold and GIC. He also promised to become a millionaire in 30 days.

The guys even took the trouble to write a new text, adapted to our realities. But I found a pretty cool TV for the background.

In the end

Bitcoins Wealth — incompetent Scam, which is designed for too trusting of people. 24 hour trading will not make 250 $ 13,000. In addition, the project authors made a simple carbon copy of the English version of the site and gathered stock images.

As a result, 250 invested dollars will simply disappear — you can not even doubt. But to show the owners nothing. In the bottom of the site you can see a warning about the possible loss of all funds.

Do not mess with such projects and be sure to warn about same loved ones who do not understand this topic. Today Bitcoin mention in all news, so someone definitely believes in this nonsense.

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