Bitcoin will save your money during the next financial crisis

The true purpose of Bitcoin for almost a decade is the subject of fierce disputes among cryptoendoliths and economists. Some believe that the bitcoin is an innovative payment system, others see it as the best means for capital accumulation. Amid growing danger of a new financial crisis BTC suddenly became a “salvation” for investment.

Today Bitcoin is trading at 11 635 dollars. For the past day, the coin’s value fell 1.1 per cent, to scale one week, its price has increased by 24 percent.

New financial ark

In Wallpaper Satoshi Nakamoto described Bitcoin as “a decentralized system of electronic money”. In other words, the Creator of BTC gave us the opportunity to securely transfer value over the Internet without the involvement of any intermediaries.

Years later, the cost of Bitcoin has increased hundreds of times and cryptocurrency moved into the category of funds with which you can relatively quickly increase your capital. About that time came the term “HODL” and all of a sudden realized that to keep BTC in the long term much more profitable than to sell it.

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In the last couple of years, these two properties of Bitcoin merged — now the cryptocurrency is regarded as a very promising alternative to the traditional financial system. In other words, Bitcoin is independent of traditional financial assets, so it is profitable to invest at the time of the fall of the world economy. The fear of a new crisis is forcing investors to seek “financial ark”, in which you can at least save your money. And the first cryptocurrency, just it is.

Yes, some still doubt Bitcoin because of the spike in its price. However, in the scope of the last five years, the cryptocurrency is still growing and shows stunning profitability in comparison with the same stock.

The CEO of Circle Jeremy Allaire believes that mankind has created a fundamentally new kind of money. He stated in a recent broadcast of the program Squawk Box on CNBC.

It is now independent and safe mechanism for the preservation of value in any place where there is Internet.

While no state has invented an effective method of combating bloccano. This technology can give financial assets total independence from any adversity related to the political or economic situation in the world. Agree? Look for discussion in cryptcat future millionaires.


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