Bitcoin will drop to $ 1,000. Unprecedented bearish analyst

After a protracted flat Bitcoin still shook, and with it all the alternative cryptocurrencies. Literally within hours of BTC has broken the annual minimum , and is almost a week continues to fall. At the moment, it ranges at around $ 4,500, while the market capitalization of the coins fell below 79 billion. These figures are not comparable to what we saw in December 2017.

Although many associate the rapid decline with hardforum Bitcoin Cash, not so convinced investors see other reasons for the collapse. Among other factors are the elimination of institutional capital, the failure of the sector ICO and effect even after Bitcoin has explored the role stablon.

According to Ethereumworldnews, analysts ‘ opinions differ. About the situation expressed by the head of the Asia and Pacific division trade at Oanda Stephen Innes, he discussed this issue with Aaron Hankina from MarketWatch. In his view, the bearish sentiment will not change anytime soon. Forecast to $ 1,000 per BTC is only 50 percent less than what was promised by the CEO of BitMEX [$2,000].

Innes partly admitted their bias. However, he once again argued that the forecast of unchanged ratio of centralized government, bankers and regulators to the cryptocurrency industry.

They are simply afraid of the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology empower ordinary consumers. They are concerned about the growing popularity of decentralized money.

Recall that one of the main theories of the collapse of the stock market is hardwork Bitcoin Cash, which divided the community of the blockchain into two camps and sparked a race for hasraton. Apparently, this forced many miners to switch to mining new coins BCHABC and BCHSV. The event is also supported by the sudden shuffling of institutional investment portfolios. More data look at cryptodata.

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