Bitcoin veteran alleges that BTC and ETH different niches. Is it really so?

Bitcoin-the expert and the author of several books about cryptocurrencies Andreas Antonopoulos in a recent interview, tried to explain the differences between the scope of application of the block chain of Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to him, these blackany not interchangeable, i.e. one is not able to perform the functions of the other and Vice versa. Two systems were developed simultaneously, but in different directions. Today, they are doing different tasks, but can not simultaneously occupy the same niche in the market.

Despite the extremists on both sides who insist on the homogeneity of the block chain, Antonopoulos speaks of the “meaninglessness” of such statements. In his opinion, these two blockchain can help each other only partially and in any case are not interchangeable.

At least Bitcoin aspires to the status of world money, and this task is very different from what is trying to achieve the project Vitalik Buterin. The two blockchains are fundamentally different core. And not even from the point of view of use and from the point of view selected designs and design two blockchains.

Further, Antonopoulos explained how initial decisions and compromises made for the sake of Bitcoin that contributed to its reliability, security, and resistance to government censorship. This attracted a certain circle of people with the same vision. The Ethereum blockchain is designed is a little other views on constraints and trade-offs. He is more focused on freedom in the design of the software.

The developers of Ethereum tried to cover “a wide range of problems.” Respectively, and became interested in Ethereum a slightly different circle of people.

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