Bitcoin updated April peak. What’s next?

The weekend began with positive news. In the morning the exchange rate of Bitcoin has little to almost nine thousand and amounted to $ 8997. Along with it grew the other coin: the BCH has increased by 16 percent, EOS — 12, and ETH increased by 7 percent. The event was commented by Director of investments of an international network of professional investors in the digital assets CryptoLife Mansur Guseynov.

A new forecast of the exchange rate of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin’s price has updated the maximum for April. Total market capitalization amounted to 389 billion dollars, while the minimum price for the last three weeks was equal 6542 dollars.

Mansur Guseynov thinks positive. His words are quoted by RIA.

Morning trades were held in positive territory, but by mid-day, the growth accelerated, and the Bitcoin reached a level of 8.57 thousands of dollars — the maximum for the past month. Altcoins are still rising faster in the top-10 Ripple, EOS, Bitcoin Cash and IOTA added from 10% to 18%.

According to analysts, the price of cryptocurrency top resistance line of bearish trend. Because of this now you can wait for long-term reversal of the situation.

The next line of resistance is in the range of 9.5-10 thousand dollars.

It seems, dreams about 250 thousand dollars for one coin can be a reality. I hope so and begin slowly to choose the right equipment Lamby.

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