Bitcoin once again called fake

Cryptocurrency eternal skeptic Nouriel Roubini, one of the industry veterans Roger Ver faced foreheads at the debate in London. They fought on the stage of the Convention center Queen Elizabeth II near the Palace of Westminster. The event was attended by about 500 people. They were clearly unhappy with the presence of Roubini, who has long had the reputation of a staunch lover of cryptocurrency.

Let me remind you, Roger Ver is an early Bitcoininvestor, who spoke at the first fork in the history of cryptocurrency. The reason was disagreement on "proper" block size, which we wrote extensively in this article.

So the project was born and the currency Bitcoin Cashthat Ver now busily promoting. He even arrogated to itself a domain name that number is misleading beginners. The last think you acquire Bitcoin, but in the end get Bitcoin Cash.

At the beginning of the debate Ver said that “the breakthrough application of recent years — the money is not censored”.

This amazingly powerful tool, available to every person on the planet.

Economist Nouriel Roubini retorted without delay. In his view, if “criptural will not follow the laws aimed at combating money laundering and carry out the KYC procedure, then the struggle of the government will focus on scriptural”.

You are all delusional.

Attacks Roubini were mostly personally addressed to Roger Faith. He also lamented the fact that all of cryptocurrency lost 95 percent of its historic price highs. To top it all off he called cryptocurrency “is a great big fake”.

Nouriel Roubini and Roger Ver on the debate during the CC Forum in London. Source: Coinspice

It’s funny that a Professor at new York University reminded Vera of a 10-month incarceration in a Federal prison for the illegal sale of fireworks via the Internet in 2002. Then, Bitcoin enthusiast, commenting on the situation, “Roubini just have no more arguments, so he decided to merge the discussion in an irrelevant direction”. But initially, opponents were supposed to discuss cryptocurrencies will succeed or fail.

Roger continued.

Of course, all currencies have lost in value from the highs. But compare the current prices after the bear market — growth still turned out enormous. Take the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Before the bull market in late 2017 BTC traded at 400-1000 dollars.

Ver recalled how in 2011, the Bitcoin has fallen from 30 to 2 dollars are the same 90 percent. But it is no longer worth $ 2.

Regarding the statement by Roubini about the absence of real users of Bitcoin, Ver asked him to look back. And it’s true, it’s for a conference of 500 people who are interested in and use bitcoins. A conference dedicated to cryptocurrency, held every week in all corners of the planet.

If Nouriel Roubini is willing to cover my ears and eyes not to hear and ignore everything around you — the reality will not change. People use cryptocurrencies.

During the debate one of the guests in the audience even asked to raise hands those who use cryptocurrencies. It is worth noting, raised their hands 80 percent of the audience. After the discussion, Ver boasted to journalists of his victory in the battle. In turn, Roubini from commenting on the journalists refused, citing the fact that “late for the plane”.

Other debates were no less colourful. For example, Craig Wright began to criticize from the floor. The woman even told him to "go back to your farm." A video of what is happening below.

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