Bitcoin might fall back to 40% before a new wave of growth

Consensus 2019 was visited by many famous cryptoendoliths, analysts and traders. In the event, the journalist Ran Neuner of CNBC talked to some of the most notable industry experts. The main thing — at the microphone Neuner was Tony Weiss and Peter Brandt.

Recall that both analysts have previously voiced completely opposite views on the future of Bitcoin. Weiss at one time was talking about the high probability of the fall of the main cryptocurrency up to 1000 dollars. But the forecast Peter Brandt has come true — he exactly predicted the global bottom of the stock market, which was formed in December last year.

Correction or new bullrun?

Despite the recent rise of Bitcoin, Weiss still waiting for the fall.

I expect a correction in the range from 33.3 to 40 percent. I’m still skeptical about the situation. Need to wait for the rollback and the formation of a new local maximum. The market moves by a succession Panov and downs. Yet happened only pump, so you should wait for drain.

In other words, the natural growth is not without rollback. Bears can take this opportunity to try to push the price of the asset to its annual minimum. Hopefully, this scenario will not come to life.

Peter Brandt, in turn, managed to capture part of the profits at the local maximum.

I thought we will reach a maximum of 6800 dollars to global rollback. This did not happen. In the end, Bitcoin can get in the zone “turbulence” and to revert up to $ 6,000. Or are you counting on the new parabola?

Source: Bitcoinist

Today Bitcoin is trading at $ 7889. For the past day main cryptocurrency practically unchanged in price, while its market capitalization is fixed at level 139,72 billion dollars.

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