Bitcoin may start to decline at any moment due to lateral movements of the markets. The analyst

After completing a relatively volatile week, kryptering moved to lateral movement. Bitcoin is still quite steady in the center 3650 dollars, but most altcoins show a sideways trend. It is important to note that the strong level of support from BTC have steadied at around $ 3,500. However, the lack of significant demand indicates that this level can be “pushed through” in the coming days or weeks.

According to NewsBTC, analysts predict increased volatility in the next couple of days, as historically the Bitcoin begins to sausage after each side of the two-day trend. At least so says a popular Twitter cryptanalyst Josh Rager.

This morning, the Bitcoin is trading at $ 3650. Last week, the coin has already demonstrated strong volatility in the range of 3550 and 3730 dollars. Since it shows mostly sideways movement slow and steady decline.

According to many analysts, BTC is now in a trading range between 3550 and 4200 dollars. If the bitcoin will fall to $ 200 or more, it breaks the current support level and could potentially continue to decline. However, if $ 200 will go to growth coins, it still will remain in its current trading range.

What altline?

Lateral movement of the dominant cryptocurrency has led to the fact that the entire market, “glanced”. For example, today the Ethereum is trading at 121 to the dollar. However, its decrease may be associated with the failed attempt to launch a fork of Constantinople, which was postponed to 27 February. Meanwhile, XRP is trading at 32.5 cents, discreetly above the weekly minimum.

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