Bitcoin is the salvation of another financial crisis. Response CEO Shapeshift

In the eyes of ordinary people and experienced economists the state of the global markets slowly heading into the abyss. Macroeconomics on the verge of collapse, which will affect absolutely all spheres of human life. A former President of the Federal Reserve in Minneapolis Narayana Kocherlakota old advised his players to prepare for the worst.

But CEO ShapeShift Erik Voorhees does not want to sit idly by. Recently via Twitter, he posted the most obvious way out of the crisis. To get through the hard times, investors simply need to pay attention to the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is our salvation

At first glance, the world is not in danger and developed countries show good growth. However, the “under the hood” of the global financial system there are a lot of problems. For example, the yield curve of US Treasury bonds were negative spread between three-year and ten-year bonds average maturity. Earlier it happened before the oil crisis in the 70-ies and the dot-com bubble.

Another serious problem — the growing global debt, which pushes investors into a trap. Fortunately, some of them have already started to invest in Bitcoin.

So what alternative can offer cryptocurrency? As analysts assure, it is almost not correlated with traditional assets and are not controlled by Central authorities. In other words, among all investment instruments from BTC is more than just independence.

Source: CCN

Moreover, a fixed level of emissions of bitcoins makes cryptonomicon predictable and stable. And the new generation will be more willing to use digital assets, rather than the outdated paper bills.

While the US mounts a new printing machine, Bitcoin is gaining popularity around the world. To fuck with a maximum of bullrun, subscribe to our cryptcat!


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