Bitcoin is still popular among criminals. The emergence of anonymous coins did not help

Over 10 years of existence, Bitcoin appeared more than 2 million other cryptocurrencies. Among them are projects like Monero and zcash forthat are far superior to the main cryptocurrency in the areas of confidentiality. However, still in 95 percent of cases, the criminals use BTC.

In an interview with Fortune, co-founder and chief Executive officer Chainalysis Jonathan Levin said.

To date, Bitcoin is a favorite. Our law enforcement sources confirm that 95 percent of criminal cases on cybercrimes continues to be associated with bitcoins.

Crimes with Bitcoin

Over the past three years the police learned much better keep track of their transactions in BTC. But this is still not enough, the criminals stopped using the first cryptocurrency. Most likely, this is due to its wide distribution. It is much easier to cash or exchanged for any goods. Also according to Levin, their startup has already played a big role in catching criminals from cryptocracy.

Recall Chainalysis is developing monitoring tools for business and regulators, which allows to implement AML measures. At the moment the platform KYT (know-your-transaction “know your transaction”) is used by over 100 customers, including crypto currency exchange, large multinational corporations and regulators.

We have already helped to catch the drug dealers on the darknet and find criminals in the United States. Our task was to monitor blockchain transactions that have occurred in the process of buying illicit drugs.

As Levin says, the company was able to detect connection transactions with pharmacies in China, either directly with the distributors of illegal drugs. In our cryptodata you will find lots of other useful information.

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