Bitcoin is better than Visa? Expert’s answer

Bitcoin is a profitable alternative to conventional payment systems like Visa or PayPal. In his recent interview with ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees said the cryptocurrency is an excellent replacement for all existing services. While BTC can also be used as a means of capital accumulation.

The theme of the high transaction fees also remains under discussion. During the growth of Bitcoin is to 20 thousand dollar cost of transfers to BTC has risen to tens of dollars. Even now, holders of coins and traders on exchanges to pay too much moneyto use the infrastructure of the industry of cryptocurrency.

Better than Visa

When transferring thousands of dollars through PayPal with Visa and the recipient will reach only 944,20 dollar. Firm takes 25,10 dollar for the service, nearly thirty dollars takes PayPal. Finally, the 1.40 dollar is withdrawn as Commission. Have a Mastercard almost the same performance. More clearly the situation shown by the user under the name Crypto Michael.

To the crypt, all very different: with the participation of the Bank transfer in the chain of transaction from the sender to the recipient comes 974 USD. The difference between 974 and 944 doesn’t seem so big, but if the sum is above 10 thousand dollars it is much more noticeable.

According to a representative from Morgan Creek Digital, the crypt has been gradually taking its place in the market cross-border payments. Today’s consumers are attracted to the anonymity, low fees and full independence from centralized financial institutions.

Such a view is not just heard among the famous cryptanalysts. By the way, the representatives of traditional payment systems do not consider the crypt a significant threat to their work. On the contrary, the General Director of Visa wishes to support the development of the blockchain around the world.

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