Bitcoin is a great candidate for the role of “currency of the Internet.” The opinion of the CEO of Twitter

Co-founder and CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey said that even thought about creating a native cryptocurrency like Libra from Facebook to its popular platform. Instead, according to him, Bitcoin is much more suited for the role of “currency of the Internet”. And he claims this is already not the first time. Dorsey said that the vitality of the brand and reliability of Bitcoin for a long time distinguish it from other scriptaction in the industry.

The founder of Twitter adores Bitcoin

Jack Dorsey does not shy of their love for Bitcoin. In an interview with the Sydney daily newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald Dorsey once again demonstrated its long-standing commitment to largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. In his view, open systems like Bitcoin is able to serve more people, rather than centralized alternatives.

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I believe that technology is an open Internet will now every person is much more effective than existing or future controlled system under monitoring of the corporations.

During the interview he again stated quite firmly that he is not going to use the popularity of Twitter for self-promotion in the financial field.

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On the contrary, the founder of Twitter and financial platform Circle invests in a company that develops infrastructure for micropayments in Bitcoin — Lightning Network. About it we have already wrote enough detail. In addition, Dorsey was involved in promoting Lightning via Twitter and with the help of the so-called Lightning-torch. This is the flashmob, which spontaneously launched cryptocurrency users from many countries around the world. He proved that Bitcoin doesn’t have borders.

Despite the long-standing commitment to Dorsey Bitcoin, personally I would not trust the owner of one of the largest social networks. Maybe he just learned a lesson from the situation, Libra from Facebook with regulators, that is they take into account the reaction of society to this controversial project centralized stablon tied to several Vietnam currencies, and decided to act on the opposite side. Well, it will benefit his project Square Cash, which allows users to buy bitcoins.

I will remind, in June of this year, the company Facebook has announced plans to release its own cryptocurrency Libra, which immediately attracted a lot of attention. However, to circumvent Bitcoin’s popularity Libre has not yet been even close.

Although eliminating love Dorsey to Bitcoins too. First, there are many logical reasons. Second, in our cryptodata millionaires all the same.

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